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Construction of the Key Board is the combing of design with the desire to make a product that leaves you satisfied in way that's hard to describe but unmistakable when you experience it.  The Key Board is handcrafted in the USA and we hope the pride of craftsmanship shows through.

We use baltic birch plywood for its excellent quality, stability and tone.

Made in batches so we can offer you value in a quality handcrafted item.

Each box is run through a shaper to produce the signature roundover amp edge.

Water based glue is applied to both the box and tolex to start the personalization process.

Wrapping is done by hand to ensure perfect alignment of the tolex and the box perimeters.

The custom metal faceplate gets installed along with the jacks, corner protectors, toggle switch and jewel lamp.

What results is a finished product of the finest quality, ready to be proudly displayed in your home.