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Q: Do you make these using actual vintage/reclaimed amps?
No, we build them from scratch.  We wouldn't think of taking any vintage amps out of circulation for this purpose.

Q: Does the jewel lamp work?
Of course!  We think a functional jewel lamp is a key element in providing the true Amp look and feel for this product.

Q: Does it make any sound?
The Key Board itself doesn't make any sound, but get used to people asking you about it and telling you how cool it is.

Q: I love the concept, but can I get a custom setup?
If by custom setup you mean a different combination of tolex, corners and faceplate by all means yes! Just send us an email and well be happy to work with you on making your dream key holder.

Q: I want to buy this as a gift, is there anything else I need to buy?
No, we provide everything needed. A keychain for each jack on the Key Board, fasteners to mount and the battery to power the jewel lamp is included as well.

Q: Why are you making this?
We want to take an every day ordinary object and turn it into something that is cool, functional and made well.

Q: Will I be able to get this at my big box retailer?
No, we require the highest quality and craftsmanship and therefor our product does not lend itself to being mass produced.

Q: Do you make anything else?
We have other ideas in the pipeline and hope to be bringing them to you soon. Stay tuned.